Vaccine News Quality Questionnaire

Last Updated: June 30, 2022 (Version 1)

For details on the development of this questionnaire, please refer to the Analysis Framework: Vaccine News Quality page.

The questionnaire is made up of three sections, with a series of questions within each section that pertain to either the article or the source.

Evaluate Content:

When reading an article, keep in mind the two major aspects:

Answer by marking a “1” under either Y (Yes), N (No), or NA (Not applicable/Don’t Know).

Each question also has tips or “hints” to further explain the question and help responses to be more uniform across multiple people.

Tally and Assess:

Tally the answers to gain a general sense of the quality of the news. The result will fall in one of three groups:

Questions are included for both article-level and source-level assessment.

Note: We are open to feedback on this first version of the questionnaire; in particular, on the source-level questions and the scoring balance. Please contact us at artt [dot] hackshackers [dot] com with the subject line “Vaccine News Questionnaire.”

Article-Level Questions

Science and Health Quality Journalism Quality
Vaccine Journalism Quality

Source-Level Questions

General Journalism Quality



Science/Health Journalism Quality

Vaccine Journalism Quality