“In this conversation, I could…"

Welcome to the ARTT Catalog

The Analysis Toolkit for Trust (ARTT) Catalog is a curated library of studies and reports from across research disciplines.

The Catalog presents the relevant, recent findings from these disciplines about how to engage in conversations around rumors, misinformation, or contentious topics in online spaces in ways that are potentially trust-building, or strive to understand, connect, and inform others.

The Catalog:

For conversational responses, refer to the ARTT Guide

NOTE: The ARTT Catalog is not intended to provide direct guidance about how to engage in conversations around “not well understood information” and misinformation.

If you are a member or moderator of an online community and you are looking for conversational responses and interventions, please refer to the ARTT Guide.

ARTT Catalog: Intervention Library

How high-quality is this information?

This library contains an evolving list of research into effective conversational responses and interventions online.

Papers tagged according to our 10 potential response modes:

  • Correct
  • Co-verify
  • De-escalate
  • Listen
  • Empathize
  • Share
  • Take Perspective
  • Encourage Healthy Inquiry
  • Invite Sociability
  • Do Not Respond
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