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ARTT: Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust
While social media platforms are optimized for simple exchanges, some topics are nuanced and complicated, and require strong communications skills to respond effectively.

"Can we talk?"
Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust
The Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT) project supports health communicators, educators, and other responders who work to keep local, online communities more informed.

Our main tool, the ARTT Guide, is a Web-based software assistant that provides a framework of possible responses for everyday conversations around tricky topics.

The project brings together insights from research fields such as computer science, social science, media literacy, conflict resolution, and psychology, in addition to practitioners from communities focusing on health-related communications in journalism, vaccine safety, and Wikipedia.

Once completed, the ARTT Guide will help our users answer the question: “What can I say and how do I say it?”
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ARTT supports trust-building online conversations
In the middle of online exchanges that are about inaccurate or difficult-to-understand information, how you might respond depends not only on your understanding of the information, but the goal of your conversation as well.

On top of the intellectual difficulty of trying to find the right information or trying to figure out how to respond, it is also emotionally and psychologically draining to participate in tricky online conversations. 

People who are motivated to respond to these situations — amateur volunteers, members from online communities like Wikipedia, health communicators, journalists, and librarians — are deeply fatigued and need help.

ARTT wants to help the people doing this challenging work.
What makes ARTT unique?
ARTT Provides Inspiration
Instead of focusing on winning arguments and shutting people down, the goal of the ARTT project is to enable people to build bridges and engage in productive online conversations.
We aim to provide expert guidance and encouragement through a software tool that enables people to combine that guidance with their own local expertise and experience as they strive to have better online conversations.
Motivated community members, experts and amateurs alike, are modeling the kinds of conversations that are needed in a democracy: Open, respectful exchanges about factual information on issues that touch our day-to-day lives.
ARTT: Frequently Asked Questions

Stay updated as we build and refine our toolkit!

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