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What data is available?

Analysis requires data. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the creation of online information datasets within many research disciplines, including linguistics, computer science, social science, journalism, and psychology.

Overall, this collection provides a snapshot into the evolving landscape of data available for the evaluation of online information. They are or will be available for use by fellow researchers and practitioners.

NOTE: For more information about Analysis and Response, see the respective pages in the ARTT Docs tab, at left.

‍For other questions or feedback, please contact us at artt [dot] hackshackers [dot] com with the subject line “Dataset Collection.”

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Analysis Datasets

This curated collection contains datasets relevant to ARTT’s analysis frameworks: News Quality, Psychological Misinformation Tactics, Online Misinformation Harms, and Community Trust Issues.

Datasets that specifically contain vaccine-related content are indicated. This collection also contains datasets that are unrelated to vaccines, but part of the larger umbrella of ARTT research.

See also: Analysis and Reponse, in ARTT Docs.

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Response Library

This library contains an evolving list of research into effective conversational responses and interventions online. Papers tagged according to our 10 potential response modes:

Correct, Co-verify, De-escalate, Listen, Empathize, Share, Take Perspective, Encourage Healthy Inquiry, Invite Sociability, and Do Not Respond.

See also: Response Modes, in ARTT Docs.

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