Methodology and Resources
What data is available?
Analysis requires data. Over the past few years, there has been a surge in the creation of online information datasets within many research disciplines, including linguistics, computer science, social science, journalism, and psychology.

Overall, this collection provides a snapshot into the evolving landscape of data available for the evaluation of online information. They are or will be available for use by fellow researchers and practitioners.

For other questions or feedback, please contact us at artt [dot] hackshackers [dot] com with the subject line “Dataset Collection.”

Analysis and Intervention Datasets

Analysis Datasets
This curated collection contains datasets relevant to ARTT’s analysis frameworks: News Quality, Psychological Misinformation Tactics, Online Misinformation Harms, and Community Trust Issues. Datasets that specifically contain vaccine-related content are indicated. This collection also contains datasets that are unrelated to vaccines, but part of the larger umbrella of ARTT research.

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Intervention Library
This library contains an evolving list of research into effective conversational responses and interventions online. Papers tagged according to our 10 potential response modes: Correct, Co-verify, De-escalate, Listen, Empathize, Share, Take Perspective, Encourage Healthy Inquiry, Invite Sociability, and Do Not Respond.

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Selection Criteria
Datasets selected for inclusion satisfy at least one of these criteria:
Criterion 1
Dataset contains qualitative or quantitative content/process analysis on any of the indicators, concepts, or dimensions within the four analysis taxonomies;

Criterion 2
Dataset is derived from ARTT-related activities and partnerships focused on the analysis of vaccine-related content;

Criterion 3
Dataset includes dictionaries or codebooks that support the ARTT Guide’s analysis capabilities.