What data is available?
Analysis Dataset
We are currently developing the prototype for our flagship software tool, the ARTT Guide. To help build this prototype, the ARTT team is looking for suggestions for existing tech-based tools related to information, text or context analysis that we can incorporate into the ARTT Guide’s analysis component. More information can be found below.
Why do we need these tools?
We will rely on the incorporation of existing tech-based tools to create the analytic features of the ARTT Guide.

The ARTT Guide is a user-friendly software tool that will help users both analyze information and respond to others in trust-building ways. A key feature of the Guide is applying various levels of analysis, based on ways that experts understand information. An illustrative way to think of the Guide is as a pair of “x-ray” glasses, that will show the right cues to assess the quality of online content. Using our expert-based analysis frameworks as a foundation, this tool will use automated techniques to help users better evaluate specific posts and articles for aspects of reliability and trust. The automated assessment component of the Guide will help answer questions such as:
For more information on how the ARTT Guide is envisioned to work, you can watch a short video explainer on this page.

Practically, all this automatic assessment will require the incorporation of many different analytical tools. These tools will seamlessly work together in the background of the Guide, isolating and surfacing different pieces of information for the user. To accomplish this, we intend to leverage the state-of-the-art in analysis mechanisms by utilizing tools that already exist. Great strides have been made in this space, and we want to support the expertise and creativity of our fellow researchers and developers.

What is a tool? For our purposes, a “tool” is broadly defined as a tech-based feature that end-users can use to understand or control their experience within the online information environment. These tools can either be related to one of our analysis frameworks in general, or related to the detection or analysis of a specific concept within a framework.
In short: We know excellent analytical tools are already out there. And as we move from the prototype phase to the software development phase, we are asking our community for help in discovering the right tools to use.

How to suggest a tool:

If you would like to contribute to this project by making a tool suggestion, please use this form.

We are particularly interested in learning about tools with different functionalities and access methods. For example, people at Indiana University’s Observatory on Social Media (OSoMe) have created tools like Botometer, which enables bot and troll detection and provides an API endpoint. VADER, an open-sourced sentiment analysis package developed by researchers at Georgia Tech Research Institute and others, is another example. For more examples of what we are looking for, you can browse the current list of suggested tools in the table below.

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